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Advanced: An in-office dental savings plan provided by Anita Purohit, D.D.S. Advanced Dental Technologies

What is an "in-office dental savings plan"?
  • It is a plan to make dental care more affordable, especially for those individual who do not have dental insurance

  • It is a plan that is managed in the office.  This eliminates the headaches and road blocks of traditional 3rd party insurance company plans.


How does it work?
  • You pay an upfront annual fee to enroll into the plan which includes:

  1. Two complimentary regular teeth cleanings.

  2. Dental examination which includes any needed xrays at that visit.

  3. Emergency exams for $35 a visit (max 2/yr)

  • For any dental treatment you have done by Dr. Purohit, you automatically get 25% off the fee

  • For any products purchased in the office, you get a 25% discount.

  • That's it!  No waiting period. No limits on treatment that is "covered".  No maximum treatment limitations.


How much does it cost?
  • The enrollment fee for the 12 months is $399 due at signing.


Who is eligible?
  • Individuals or families who would like dental coverage

  • People who want to make dental care more affordable


I already have insurance through work, can I still use Advanced?
  • It depends on which plan you have.  Ask us for details.


Are there any deductibles?
  • No.


Are there yearly limits on benefits paid?
  • Nope.


Are there limitations on the treatments covered?
  • None.  You can have any dental work by Dr. Purohit...with a discount.  Simple. No waiting for pre-authorizations, no rejection of treatment as an uncovered benefit, no "diagnosing" done by the insurance company, no cosmetic exclusions--Whitening, Night guards, Veneers, Implants, LANAP, crowns, tooth colored fillings--they are all covered!


Can I discontinue?
  • You may discontinue the Advanced plan by not renewing your membership.  However, as this is a pre-paid plan, we can not refund any enrollment fees.


How do I sign up?
  • Fill out the paperwork in our office

  • Pay your yearly enrollment fee

  • Start saving immediately!


Anything else I should know?
  • Once enrolled in advance, you are not eligible for any additional discounts ex: pre-payment for treatment, cash/check discount.

  • Missed appointment fees still apply.

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