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Perio Protect Trays, Sealants, Varnish, CAMBRA, NTI, night guard, sports guard, MI Paste, Dental Tonic and Gum Treatment


Perio Protect Tray Treatment:

Great way to prevent the dental decay cycle.  Sealants are a protective coating placed on teeth when they are first visible inside the mouth. Teeth are especially vulnerable to decay​ when they first erupt since the enamel matrix, the hard outer part of the tooth, is not completely formed at this time.  This is a critical time to have sealants  placed to help prevent decay in the developing tooth.



Helps make your teeth stronger, healthier, and better able to resist acid attacks!  Dental varnish is what use to be known as "fluoride treatments."  Gone are the foam trays with all the goo inside that you had to keep in your mouth for 5 minutes while drooling over the sink and trying not to lose your lunch.  This new varnish is applied with a brush all over the teeth and takes less than a minute to apply.  After the varnish is applied, the benefits begin.  The first 6-8 hours the teeth are under the immediate protection of the fluoride varnish.  Over time, the fluoride gets incorporated into the tooth structure leading to long term decay prevention by making the teeth stronger and more resistant to acid attacks.


CAMBRA: caries management by risk assessment.

Your tooth decay may not be from your brushing technique or from that all candy diet, well, not exactly anyway.  New research is showing that tooth decay is more a factor of  the pH, or acid rating, of your saliva.  This is a systemic approach for managing dental decay by altering your saliva's pH to a more basic state.  It factors in how suseptible each individual is to decay and the steps they can take to prevent decay beyond the usual brushing and flossing and the reduction in sugar exposures. 



Do you clench your teeth? Do you get frequent headaches? This may be a great option for you without having to wear a NFL type device to bed.  Works better too



Finally! A method to help keep your gums healthy between dental cleanings and treatment besides brushing and flossing.  We make custom mouth trays that are specifically designed to keep the medicine down in the gums where gum disease thrives.  Simply wear the trays for 15 minutes a session.  The number of sessions is determined by you and your dentist. The overall goal of the Perio Protect Method™ is to help your body in controlling the various bacteria that live in your mouth causing your gums to bleed.  Easy, painless, effective!  

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