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What should I expect at my first visit?

If you are not in pain or have an emergency dental issue, Dr. Purohit will have one of her assistants take any needed dental xrays.  Then, after reviewing your medical and dental history, she will complete an oral dental examination which includes reviewing your xrays, completing a periodontal exam, an oral cancer screening, and the checking of any existing dental restorations. Finally, Dr. Purohit will check your teeth for any new, exisiting,  or developing problems that may need attention.  After gathering this information, she will discuss her findings with you.  Depending on the complexity of your case, Dr. Purohit will either discuss your treatment options at that time or schedule a follow up co-diagnosis appointment if more information is needed.  



Will I be able to get my teeth cleaned at my first appointment?

It will depend.  If Dr. Purohit feels that having a regular dental cleaning is what you need, definitely, you may have your teeth cleaned at your intial visit.  If Dr. Purohit feels that a regular cleaning may not be in your best interest, she will discuss this with you and together, you can decide how to best proceed. 










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